• How to Wear || Jackets for your body shape
How to Wear || Jackets for your body shape

Body Shape Style Guide


When you're planning an outfit, the most important thing you should pay attention to is your body shape. Everyone has their own body, which is awesome as it means everyone can develop their own style. What matters is finding out what works better for you, so you will never go wrong.

If you want some tips for the Winter, read on and get ready to look fabulous!


Apple Shape

If your lower body is slimmer than the middle part (most of the times with an average-to-big bust), what you need to do is enhancing your shoulders and legs, avoiding clothes that wrap your hips too tight.























Shift dresses are the best choice for apple shaped bodies, as they have a relaxed but structured fit.

Wear a colorful dress underneath a simple coat and you're set.



Pear Shape

Wide hips and narrower shoulders? No problem!




























Draw inspiration from Rihanna's look and go for a simple tunic or large tank-top. Sleeveless pieces work best as they let the main focus be on your shoulders instead of your middle and bottom sections. For colder days, a large coat or a cardigan work well with longer tops.

Rectangle Shape

If you don't have naturally defined curves, just make it seem like you do!































High-waisted jumpsuits or pants are the perfect way to give a curve to your hips and waist. Play with proportions and choose wide pants so that your outfit won't look too structured.

For a real fashionista worthy look, try matching high-waisted maxi pants with a simple white tee and a biker jacket.

Hourglass Shape

If you're lucky enough to have a hourglass body, you probably already know how easy it is to find the right fit for you.

































However, there's a fantastic way to make your natural narrow waist stand out: wrap dresses. The V-neck enhances your bust while the long silhouette guarantees you the right mix between elegance and attractiveness. If you're attending a formal event, a blazer or a classic jacket is fine, while leather jackets are the best choice for your everyday looks.